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Company history

Poliext Csövek Kft.

IrodaházThe first Skala Company was founded in 1919, and its main profile was to produce plastic goods. The Poliext Csövek Kft. is the descendant of this forefather.
Our company was founded in 1991 in a suburb of Kecskemét, called Matkópuszta. We are producers and traders of PE pipes, fittings and elements of irrigation systems.
The owner of the company is Mr. Zoltán Skala, who is experienced professional on the field of company management and producing plastic goods. During the past years the company developed continuously. In 1991 the production was started on 1300 m2 area with three extrusion machine and 8 employees. Nevertheless in these days we have 4.5 ha own property, 4 factory plant, own injection mould tool making workshop, thirteen extrusion and ten injection moulding machines, with more than 60 employees. Furthermore we are providing fast and accurate delivery with our vehicles.
The number of our regular customers also increased from 20 to more than 500. The Poliext Csövek Kft. started to manufacture 20 different kind of own products, but nowadays we are offering more than one thousand of them, and we are also the wholesaler of numerous further products.

Products and services

RakodásOur primary aim is the quality and providing services of high standard, which aim is supported by colleagues with more than twenty years of relevant work experience, with well-qualified designers and sales crew. In the past years the export-import activity of the company increased rapidly.
We are offering full scale of PE pipes for building engineering, for telecommunication systems and agricultural or further special use. Due to our flexible manufacturing technology we are able to serve any special request. With our POLIDRIP extrusion machines we are able to manufacture dripping pipes for any kind of plantations. 
In the past years we also expanded the range of our services with designing of agricultural and landscape irrigation systems, which service is free of charge for our registered partners.
Quality system has been certified according to ISO 9001 requirements since 2001. Plans for the future is to continuously widen our market and product range, while we are training persistently our colleagues in order to suit on the best way the requirements of our partners.
Finally in the name of all member of Poliext Csövek Kft. I would like to say thanks to all of our partners, who honored us with their attention and trusted in our work and products.

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